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Location Budapest/Hungary

In June 2022 a NETSit GmbH affiliate was founded in Budapest, Hungary: NETSit Kft. This additional IT-consultancy makes it possible for NETSit GmbH to utilise the potential of local IT-experts. Due to the skilled worker shortage in Germany, NETSit GmbH has started to recruit highly qualified IT-experts from Hungary in the past years. The logical consequence of this successful cooperation between NETSit GmbH and Hungarian freelancers is the founding of NETSit Kft which offers permanent employment for the former freelancers. With the help of the expertise, competence and know-how of the Hungarian employees, NETSit Kft will be developed into an IT security competence centre including 24/7 IT security operations.

About: NETSit Kft.

NETSit Kft.: As part of NETSit trust, the Hungarian daughter company NETSit Kft. stands for innovative network and security solutions. Bringing reliable operations and services based on proven competence - combined with new ways of thinking.


NETSit Kft. is an ambitious and growing IT company with an experienced core team coming from global service provider environments. Our mission is to build something special: keeping the proved-to-be-useful elements, while changing all the rigid, old-fashioned ones.


NETSit Kft. team is working with global customers and is active in areas such as:

  • Customer network discovery, assessment & re-design

  • Transition & transformation of customer networks – inc. SDWAN & cloud design, migration

  • Consulting, designing, implementing & managing security solutions

  • Consulting, designing, implementing & managing wired and wireless network solutions

  • Project management in complex network & security projects

Our competence can help you out whenever/wherever you need it!


As a team, our key principles are: keeping the focus on the customer and its needs, providing customized and smart solutions, considering all ideas - even the unconventional ones. In doing so, we truly believe that our approach sets itself apart from competitors in a positive and significant way.

We also invest in our employees and support their development in personality and skills, thus providing multiple career opportunities. We are committed to create a vibrant atmosphere and real team spirit, making all colleagues proud members of our company. We are a unique and fun place to work at - with great potential to learn and perform, striving to offer the best possible services and experiences to our customers.


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