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Location Heidelberg

The new NETSit GmbH office in Heidelberg opened in January 2023. “On the one hand, we are now closer to our customers in southern Germany, and on the other hand, our colleagues, geographically located in the South, now have the opportunity to work in the NETSit office without having to travel long distances to the company headquarters in the Ruhr area“, says Dirk Hause, CEO of NETSit GmbH.

The office in Heidelberg is part of a dynamic environment. It is located in a commercial area that has existed since the 1920s, and has seen a lot of changes over the years: well-known companies are located in the immediate vicinity of our office, a tram carriage is being converted into a café and meeting place, a hotel is being built on top of a warehouse and the energy and future storage facility – a symbol of the energy transition in Heidelberg – can be seen from everywhere. An additional feature of this facility is that visitors can visit the roof where an accessible terrace and a restaurant awaits them.

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